Hosting / Maintenance Contract

For the cost of $100 USD per month, we will look after everything for you.

  • We not only provide a backup but a backup for the backup. This means, no rebuilding your site if anything goes wrong. We can have your website back up and running in a heartbeat!
  • Platform and plugin updates. This can be a major challenge for websites. A security patch goes out of date allowing unauthorized access, the platform updates destroying how your site functions or looks visually, plugins stop working or function differently due to updates. These either hurt your business or your brand or cost you a lot of unforeseen money to stay operational. Based on our experience, the average WordPress website could see around 180 updates per year including core files, plugins and themes! Every one of these updates could cause unexpected changes or situations which need to be managed if they do occur. To break this down, the typical website might see 5-10 theme updates in a year, around 2-5 core system updates (most of which contain security fixes along with new features), and 160 plugin updates where approximately 10-20 have critical security fixes.
  • We will be monitoring your site 24/7 and will manage our webhost on your behalf so it will be easy to talk to someone if the site goes down for any reason.
Web Hosting

Benefits of our Hosting

  1. Hosting server speed (up to 20X faster than many other hosts) – This helps boost SEO scores and reduce bounce rates
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
  3. CDN implementation included (will require domain access)
  4. Best of class caching software implementation
  5. We will use your domain name or help you set up your own domain name
  6. 99.9% uptime commitment
  7. Our host has been 100% carbon neutral since 2007
Web Maintenance

Benefits of our Maintenance

  1. 24/7 uptime monitoring
  2. Host management
  3. Host optimization
  4. Regular maintenance and updates
  5. Weekly backups
  6. Firewall software to prevent remote hacking as well as protection from malware